Hey, I'm Julia. This site is an archive of things I've made, mostly miniatures, in the past 3 or 4 years. Most are keepsakes or gifts I've made for people, but ones that are models for others like them that I may have for sale have an astrisk by them. Just email me for more info if you would be interrested in buying one of them. Click on the thumbnail links to see the bigger picture. I hope you enjoy looking! :)

*Mini Butterflies...      

   This is the current variety of the mini butterflies I make. Some for sale on occasion, others not. Each one is made of Fimo polymer clay (the wings and bodies), black doll hair (the legs) and very fine synthetic fibers from found objects (the head and antennas). Except for where noted as otherwise, they are in 1" scale- 12 times smaller than the actual size of the particular breed. As time goes on I will have a bigger variety of ones to offer for sale.

~Here they are sitting around trying to decide what they'll spend their money on hehe

~front view

   ~Sad Story Cane~                

   I made this cane about a year and a half ago, and it was the first "good" cane I made. I really put alot of thought into planning it and making it. I had a carefully thought out plan about how I was going to make the pink in the sky appear to be fading into the blue in the sky (this is long before I knew that people got their fades from the skinner blend technique). Anyways I planned it all out and went to an art store to buy this brand of clay called Fimo I heard was extra durable. All they had was a sample pack I got but I realized there wasn't enough white after I got back home with it. I went back out to a different art store and asked the clerk there if they had any and he said "No but we have Premo, which is the exact same thing except it's just a different brand". So, I got it and was very excited about it and the next few days I barely left myself enough time to eat I was so busy with it. I had all kinds of things planned out I was going to make with it. I got it all done and took a slice off and baked it like I usually do with my canes, started to roll it down, and then the Premo parts squished right past the Fimo parts! I was shocked, I tried everything I could to fix it but nothing I could do would. It was all distorted and I didn't have enough experience yet with polymer clay to realize that I could do all kinds of cool things with the scraps it left behind. All I have left of that cane is that one slice and the memory of how excited I was about it before it getting ruined.

   ~My Mini Stamp~

   This is my mini stamp I made of my name. I made molds of it for mass producing more of them to sell when I start my business. I'm sorry to say I won't give away my secret of how I made it be a stamp because of the sake of my business and everything, but I plan on taking custom orders as I can make accurate and dependable stamps of any design at all.

~Here's the stamper in the ink thingy

~Here's the stamp of my name it made, it's 3/16" wide.

   ~My Mini Rainbow Brite~

    I made this several months ago when I started missing my little Rainbow Brite doll I had as a kid that I sold along with a bunch of other toys and stuffed animals at a flea market to put together with some tooth fairy money just so I could get a silly Barbie doll I wanted at the time. I put alot of time and thought into making it. I made her out of 19 different kinds of things.

~She's an inch tall without the height of her hair

~An upclose shot of her face hehe

~I made her arms able to move foreward and backward. Her legs do too but I didn't make enough butt room in her dress for her to sit down.

~I made her some little fingers for her hands, who knows- she might want to make things of her own with polymer clay some day.

~The webcam didn't pick up as much of the iridescence in her dress as I hoped it would but you can get the idea

   ~My Mini Pencil~                 

   This is my little real pencil I made. No part of it is made with polymer clay but I was able to make it with materials true to the "real thing". I carved it out of a round toothpick, drilled a hole through the middle with a tiny drill bit that I love, used mechanical pencil lead that I narrowed down for the center, carved an eraser out of an eraser and glued it on, put a little metal (just foil hehe) fastener thing to go around the eraser, and painted it pencil-colored. It was fun.

   ~My Mini Peppermints~

   Here are my little peppermints I made out of polymer clay and celaphane.


   ~Mini Playstation 2 Magnet~

   This is my husband's Playstation 2 magnet I made for him as a gift. He's a big fan of video games.

~This is the console and the controller with proportionate cord and everything

~Detail of the top of the side

~Detail of the controller

   ~My Son's Bracelet~

   This is my 3 year old son's little bracelet I made him for his third birthday. I made a cane of each of his 5 favorite characters to make beads for his bracelet with.

~Here it is on his wrist

~Clifford and Scooby Doo

~Mickey Mouse (I made the cane of that before I realized about putting extra clay on the outside of the cane to keep things such as his ears from smushing down too much), Cookie Monster, and Happy Face

   ~Mini Clovers~

   These are pictures from the making of some clovers I made for my mom's birthday. I was pressed for time, so the only time I could take the pictures of it was the same night I gave her the clovers so the picture quality is rather bad being that it wasn't in the daylight.

~This is the first clover I made (which I'm proud of because it was successful in my plan in making it because I plan on making thousands more as my business grows)

~This is all 6 of them still on the string

~Here they are freshly cut and sitting on a dime

~This is the best detail shot I could get of them after I got the vase done with clovers in it (the vase is brown and light yellow marbley-swirled)

~This is the size compared to the dime

   ~Mini Checkers Set~

   This is a sun and moon checkers set I made as a gift for my brother for his birthday. It's 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". I'm most thankful that I have a pasta machine which helped with making certain parts of it perfectly flat in specific thicknesses to help speed up the process, though it was a fun project. I plan on making more mini checkers sets like this one but in different themes.

~This is the set with all the pieces on it, sorry about the camera quality

~This is one picture of better detail

~Here's another shot of better detail

   ~Mini Gingerbread Men Ornament~

   This is a Christmas tree ornament I made one of for my parents and another for my inlaws. I made a disc out of polymer clay with a skinnyish gingerbread man shape cut out to use with my clay gun and then cut off slices from what came out of it, then smushed it flat with my thumb to make the gingerbread man shape before putting the other clay decorations on I made. I plan on making a page sooner or later with a full description of how I made them.

~This is the one I made for my parents, the other one looks almost exactly the same. each gingerbread man is about 5 16ths of an inch tall. There are more details on them than what will show in the pictures but this is the last thing that will have bad image quality on this site because I have a digital camera now.

~All decorations I used are Fimo except for some sugar I ground up more finely to sprinkle on the gumdrops and represent his buttons. His eyes and cheeks are candy sprinkles and his mouth are red hots. His cane is a mini candy cane. The white for his cuffs and colors is iced frosting, and the red part of his cuffs are red licorice.

   ~Mini Fishhook Earrings~

   These are some little earrings I made when my oven wasn't working, so I had to think of something I could make which didn't involve polymer clay I would need to bake. I made these out of some tiny purple glass marbles, glass glue, copper wire, silver colored wire, and doll hair for the tendrils.

~This is them hanging on the end of a straight pin

~This shows their size, which is about 1" scale (1" = 1')

   ~Mini Hemp Necklace~

   This is a little necklace I made out of stripped down hemp. I macramed it, and added glass "beads" (they're actually little marbles like in my mini earrings), a glass pendant and some metal beads I made out of wire. It's 2" scale, so it's 6 times smaller than actual size, and fits Barbie.

~This shows the detail and size compared to a dime

~Here is the front when it's being worn

~Here is the back of it fastened and all

   ~Mini Lemon Meringue Pie Set~

   I made this little lemon meringue pie set for my mom as a Mother's Day gift. Everything is polymer clay except the pie plate is foil and the fork is wire. The metallic accents on the clay are done with Pearl-Ex powder.

~This shows the detail of all the pieces

~Everything situated on the tray by the dime to show its size

   ~Mini Puzzle Box~

   This is a little 16 piece puzzle I made with a matching box to keep the pieces in. The puzzle is 3/8" x 3/8", and the box is just over 1/4" x 1/4". I made it with the same cane I made that I make my mini butterflies with.

~I carved out the little pieces with an exactoknife before I baked it. I cut a top for the box after I baked it, and it just slides off

~This picture shows a fairly decent example of the iridescence that shows when you turn it at an angle, but the colors don't show near as pretty in the picture as they do in person. The puzzle is iridescent too.

    I hope you liked my website! Email me if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to see a few other random things I've made you can go here.

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